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Theresa Musengo Artist Statement


                I am a glass and ceramic artist born and raised in Maryland, and a resident of Baltimore since 2004. I received my bachelors degree in Art with a concentration in Sculpture from Towson University in 2009, and have been working in the field ever since. By day I have a full time job working at a ceramic supply store, which allows me to talk with teachers and artists. Discussing projects and coming up with ideas to help others create and inspire my own work. By night I work at McFadden Art Glass glass blowing studio. I have taught beginners classes, workshops, and work practicing my own skills. In between all of this, I somehow find time to make my own art.

 Teaching and helping others excites me to create my own work. Sharing ideas gets the juices flowing and helps me think of things I may have never thought of on my own. I have always strived to create with form and function in mind. I tend to use organic shapes and themes in my ceramics and glass work, but apply them to functional pieces that people can use in everyday life.  I also create decorative pieces for pure visual enjoyment. My use of color and shape ties my ceramic and glass work, whether it is functional or decorative, all together into something of my own and unique to me.

                My goal as an artist is to simply create work for people to enjoy. I want to make something beautiful, useful, and interesting. I want people to look at a piece from all angles to see how a glaze runs together with another glaze, or see how the light catches the glass at different angles. I want my pieces to become your pieces, and be appreciated for their uniqueness.


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